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Jute Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturer in Kolkata

New Mech Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a Jute machine manufacturer and supplier of a range of spare parts for the jute industry. Established in Kolkata, we have been industry players for over two decades now. All our products are fabricated using state-of-the-art facilities and high quality raw materials. Our jute mill machines are so built that they comply with the dynamic market needs and satiate customer requirements to the utmost. All our products are cost-effective; we even offer after-sale services on them for 3 years at a stretch. We at New Mech Tech would love to further the world of jute industry to a modern environment. Are you ready?

We Are The Rotary Gill Drawing Machine Manufacturer In Kolkata

This line of machines from New Mech Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most popular in the market. Produced using sophisticated amenities, these machines are highly advanced and high performance. We are the rotary gill drawing machine manufacturer in Kolkata who build machinery that provides long service life to users. These devices are easy to operate, smooth in functioning, noiseless, and can run on low power.

New Mech Tech The Precision Winding Machines Manufacturer In Kolkata

This line of machines helps in the precision winding of jute, or the transfer of the yarn from one package to another during processing. This is a crucial part of jute manufacture and is a must have in the mills. The machinery is basically used for filament yarns. At New Mech Tech, we are the precision winding machines manufacturer in Kolkata. They are easy to install and maintain, and come at affordable rates.

Looking For A Saco Lowell Twisting Machines Manufacturer In Kolkata

Look no further than the range at New Mech Tech. These machines are master spinners. They help in the application of uniform tension to a yarn in motion and thus, should be installed in your jute mill for sure. We, at New Mech Tech Pvt. Ltd. are the Saco Lowell Twisting Machines Manufacturer in Kolkata who pay special attention to fabricating devices that can operate efficiently.

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